Clutter…BE GONE!

Can you park your car in your garage?Do you find yourself embarrassed to have the garage door up because the garage is such a mess?Do you trip over items every time you walk in the garage?If you find yourself relating to any of the above questions, I have a solution for you!Last Friday, I had the team from 1 Day Garage Makeover out to my home. The arrived at 9am, and left 4 hours later and the outcome was no less than a miracle! Proof is in the pudding they say…so here are the before and after photos! I was SHOCKED. Having been recovering from my surgery, I could not lift a finger and I ... ...continue reading

Ahhh…to be 20 again…

Ok, so I am not 20 again, and actually almost 40, but at least my stomach is as flat as it was(if not flatter) than BC....that would be before children! forewarned...I am an open book - so if at any time, the info becomes TMI...stop reading!I can't believe its over. Truly. I was so scared going in on Tuesday morning. My dad arrived at about 530am to stay with the kids while Mike took me to the surgery center. We got there, I got into a gown, same ol' thing - nothing on, opening in the back...blah blah blah. The nurse came in and started my iv. I was still feeling ok. Then Dr. Schwartz ... ...continue reading

Parting With Roo….

I never was secretive about wanting a tummy tuck, but I also didn’t want people thinking it’s an issue of vanity. Before 8 pregnancies, 3 live births including 2 sets of identical twins, I would have told you that people who get plastic surgery were vain. I think it’s a fact of life that things will sag and get wrinkly as you get older, have children and time progresses. There’s a lot to be said for growing old with grace. So all that being said, I kind of felt like a traitor knowing that next Tuesday in Westlake Village, I will be going under the knife. I didn’t like how it got in the way ... ...continue reading

Just Do It!

After watching “Howie Do It”,I laughed to myself, thinking how often I hear “How Do You Do It”?The answer is…You just do! I don’t have a choice. This is my life!I am so fortunate to have a helpful husband, one that is very hands on. I am also lucky to be able to have help 4 days a week. All together, we make a great team and it all works.Not sure that its actually dawned on me that I have 5 kids. Serioulsy. If I ran into someone from high school and they told me they were married and had 5 children, I think I would look at her in utter shock and think that she was nuts! Who has 5 kids? Oh ya…I ... ...continue reading

Happy New Year

…7 months late. I told my husband last night, that I could not believe that I let 10 months go by without updating the blog. Things need to slow down. They are moving way too fast. The babies are already 13 months old. When I really stop to think about it – it blows me away. I was just getting ready for Thanksgiving. I was just making my holiday card list and buying holiday gifts. Where did November go? What about December? How about the 1st half of 2009!I encourage everyone to lighten up, to live each day to the fullest and not harbor negative energy. It’s easier said than done, I realize, ... ...continue reading


The Game Truck - A mobile video arcadeI must tell you that my boys are really into video games and when I heard about the Game Truck it was a dream come true. The truck pulled up to our driveway last Saturday and it was like Santa Claus came to town! My oldest had a few friends (16 to be exact) over to play in it. Not only is this good for boys, but they have a ton of games and things for the girls to play too! The vehicle has four 50 inch plasma TV’s, a leather couch that holds at least 16 kids at a time, and every video game under the sun (Wii and X Box). It is VERY reasonably priced and ... ...continue reading


Sharon Suh Photography I recently had the pleasure of meeting Sharon when she came to our home for a photo shoot. Sharon came HIGHLY prepared and really worked amazingly with all 5 of my kids. She is patient and good natured and the photos turned out wonderful. You can reach her at 646 244-1024 ... ...continue reading