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January 12 2017

                       Have your 6-12 Year Old Earn $125+ Each Month for a Year         Calling all parents in the LA area! There is a new, exciting opportunity for your 6-12 year old to participate in monthly Youth Advisor Program and earn $125+ monthly! Each month, kids will meet to review early-stage TV shows, express their creativity, and will get exclusive tours of the studios where these shows are filmed! For each session, your child will earn $125+. See if your child qualifies now by taking this brief survey.         https://touchstoneresearch.3uu.us                 ... ...continue reading

January 11 2017

                       Music Lessons in the Comfort of Your Home: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele & Violin         When was the last time your child begged a teacher to stay longer? At The Schuler Music Studio, students not only learn to PLAY music, they have FUN learning it! This private music school offers high-quality lessons, and they drive to YOU! Their educated, qualified staff of professional musicians are enthusiastic & offer a warm, supportive environment for students to play & create. They provide a well-rounded music education, focus on building confidence ... ...continue reading

January 10 2017

                       So Many Schools, So Many Options, How Do I Choose?         L.A. School Scout™ injects calm, humor, compassion, and expertise into finding the right fit school for your child. Whether it's for public, private or parochial school, L.A. School Scout™ will help you come up with a plan and a timeline, and provide the advice you need along the way. Contact L.A. School Scout™ at sandy@LAschoolscout.com or 877.877.6240.         For helpful tips and admissions updates, sign up for the FREE e-newsletter, at www.LAschoolscout.com.                           ... ...continue reading