A week in the life of a scared mommy and a sick little boy

To say that this past week was probably the longest week of my life, is an understatement.I am still blown away that it manifested like it did, but beyond thankful, in the end, everything is going to be ok.Last Friday started like any other Friday in our house. All 5 boys went to school and I went about my daily routine. My in-laws were in town from Texas, because it was a 3 day weekend, so they picked up the little ones from preschool for me. At about 1:15pm, I received a text from my mother in law telling me that Matthew came home from school and wanted to go to sleep. I found it very odd, ... ...continue reading

Kids Photo Shoot with SaraPine.com

Every so often, I get introduced to a photographer that just knows how to work with kids...And with me having 5 boys, that is SUPER important. That, AND, that they take great photos! I was SO excited to have the chance to do a photo shoot with Sara Pine (www.sarapine.com) last week. Sara is beyond awesome with kids. The shots she was able to get, captured their true personality. Sara has been behind the camera since the age 11 and it shows! She is truly terrific and I HIGHLY recommend her. She is offering a weekday special - $300 includes the photoshoot at the location of your choice ... ...continue reading

I am gonna do it this time….

Just like all the other times I said I was gonna do it. But this time it seems different. But then again, I have said that before. What can I do so this time is not like all the others? Can it be that I want it more? Can it be that I need it more? Not sure, but I really want to believe that this time is gonna be the last time I ever have to lose weight.I try to always have a smile on my face. People comment to me all the time that I am always smiling and while I joke back “If I wasn’t smiling, I would be crying”, sometimes it’s true. I mean, come on, one person can’t possibly be happy ALL THE ... ...continue reading

Yes….there is such thing as Sleep Apnea in Kids!

Having 5 kids in a little over 5 years, one would expect that sleep would be the last thing a parent would get for a while. That said, having 5 kids, by the last 2, Sleep Training 101 should have been a mastered art. Everything was going great until Matthew and Joey were about 2 years old. All of the sudden, they started waking up a few times during the night and asking for something to drink. Just so that Mike and I didn’t get too sleep deprived, we complied with their request and thought that it was a temporary blip in the sleep process.Well…we found ourselves a year and half later, what ... ...continue reading

Every so often, I get introduced to a photographer that just knows how to work with kids…

And with me having 5 boys, that is S U P E R important. That, AND, that they take great photos! I was SO excited to finally have the chance to do a photo shoot with Sara Pine last week. Totally impromptu…I grabbed the kids after school one day and headed to an awesome location in Agoura Hills. They had the best time and Sara and her crew were just awesome with them. The shots she was able to get captured their true personality and I was thrilled to see the outcome of our time together. Sara has been behind the camera since the age 11 and it shows! She is truly terrific and I HIGHLY recommend ... ...continue reading

Best Karate Studio Ever!

For 26 years, Team Karate Centers has been coaching people, of all ages, in the process of learning and practicing the martial arts as a tool for learning and practicing the art of being a more complete, proactive, and empowered human being. They consider ourselves an integral "part of the village" that helps parents instill valuable character traits, beliefs, and habits in children. They teach a brand of self-defense that transcends the block, kick, punch, and throw - and includes the self-defense skills of kindness, empathy, community, and compassion. If you are looking for something fun and ... ...continue reading

Personalized Pumpkins

They come in 3 different sizes and range in different prices depending upon whether you supply the pumpkin or they supply the pumpkin. Pumpkins can have a name, a spooky picture, spray paint, and glitter to make them goolish and stand out. Pricing: for name only Small pumpkins $10; Medium pumpkins $15; and Large pumpkins $20. For the additional bling such as a picture $5 and another $10 for glitter and spray paint. They are great. For more info contact Lindsay at Lindsssay820@yahoo.com. Here are the ones that I got for the kids! ... ...continue reading

Mission Accomplished: Girls Night In is a Success

Yes, it's been over a week since my Girl's Night In: Bridesmaids Style. But it was just THAT fantastic that I was too exhausted to recap. But I'm here now to tell you, in great detail, just how marvelous it was.13 of us gathered in a girlfriend's "screening" room to escape our typical Family Friday Nights. Not that we don't love the end of the week with our family's, but coming off of the beginning of school, it's been nothing short of exhausting. We popped open some wine, and in my case a few cans of Diet Coke, oooohhh'd and aawwwww'd over the treats from LINDSAYCakes and began to relax. I ... ...continue reading

Lights, Camera, Girls Night In: Bridesmaids is Coming Soon to a DVD Near You

Jen's List is honored to be receiving an advanced copy of the hilariously funny hit Bridesmaids. I loved it when it was in the theater, and now I'm equally excited to gather a few of my inner circle and sneak out and watch it from the comfort of a friend's home. We've got big plans for our Girls Night In, Bridesmaids style.To keep everything organized, I've created this magnificent pinboard (see above) through one of my favorite new sites, Polyvore. It's amazing and helps me put so many things together.Let's start with the movie theme, because who doesn't need popcorn? Thank G-d for ... ...continue reading

Play and Grow Smart-er Tips

Nancy Pyne-Hapke, author of "Play and Grow Smart, A Guide Supporting Brain Development, Birth through Five," has been giving tips to aid your child's optimum skill development through proactive neuroscience-based activities. These ideas come from scholarly sources to personal interviews, from the internet to periodicals to books. “CREATIVITY” involves imagination, ingenuity, invention/originality, creative thinking, dramatic/visual/musical arts. THE CRITICAL WINDOWS during which the circuits of the brain are being most heavily wired for Creativity is 1 – 4 years with lifelong ... ...continue reading