17 Things I’ll Miss When My Kid Is Older

While you're in the parenting trenches it's difficult to have perspective. But sometimes, when a calm comes over the home and you find yourself smiling instead of angrily buttering toast, you realize, "Wow, I'm going to miss these things when he's older." By Jason Good 1. How much he wants me around. 2. How he always skips the number four when counting to ten. 3. That he thinks there are a million pennies in a dollar. 4. The way he pronounces S from the back of his throat. 5. How he takes his shirt off by sticking his arms through the neck hole. 6. That he doesn't know when to end a ... ...continue reading

8 Best Apps/Websites To Keep Parents Entertained And Up-to-Date

For a lot of parents, the Internet is a godsend. Have a few minutes of spare time? Read the latest parenting hacks. Looking for breastfeeding info? Google for tips. Looking for inspiring quotes to get you through the day? There's Pinterest. But the thing with going online is that there's so much information out there that when you sit down in front of the computer with the intention of writing and sending emails, it’s not hard to end up doing something else like watching videos on YouTube or pinning on Pinterest. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the best apps and ... ...continue reading

You, The Parent Have Changed, Not Your Kid!

We are now a generation of overprotective parents and despite our technological advancements (there's an app for every stage of your baby's life!), we're still as stressed and worried as ever. How come? Are the kids to blame or have we simply changed as a generation of parents? There's the media, the fast-paced lifestyle, and the unique challenges that confront this generation of parents. Despite the fact that we are armed with so much knowledge, there's still a need to sludge your way through the fluff and figure out which parenting tips are actually worth the trial and effort. So it's no ... ...continue reading

I’m gonna take the iPad and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine

“Time for dinner. Please put (insert electronic gadget) away.” Silence. “Hey, I said it’s time for dinner! Put that (insert electronic gadget) away right now or else….” Insert sound of feet running towards the dinner table, doors slamming, followed by sulks, tears or tantrums. You yell. They yell. You yell back. Does this sound familiar at all? Your family is not alone. According to a recent survey, eight out of 10 parents with children under the age of 14 prefer to take gadgets away as a form of discipline. “My kids were out of control with their electronic devices so ... ...continue reading

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Which Type of Parent Are You?

Experts and parents both seem to be divided on this issue. Some ask, “Should we even police at all?” Should you? When we first become parents, it seems natural to take on a role. Moms are natural nurturers. Dads are usually the disciplinarians. It could also be the other way around. A lot of it depends on upbringings and role models. Individuals that grew up in military families may have a different parenting style from individuals who grew up with missionary parents, for example. The Levinson household is no exception. “I am usually the bad cop and my husband Mike is the good cop,” ... ...continue reading


Our smile is the way you greet the world! Why not put your best self forward with the confidence of a more beautiful smile? When it comes to whitening, Dori Dental Arts is your greatest resource. Only dental professionals, like them, have access to the professional-strength whitening of ZOOM. Many Jens List members, including myself, have been to Dori Dental Arts and already used Zoom to achieve a brighter smile. Dori Dental Arts is offering Jens List members an incredible deal! Complimentary exam, ZOOM & take home bleaching trays for after care for ONLY $350 (Reg. $450). Check out how ... ...continue reading

Big Bear or Bust!

What a great weekend we had! The 3 older boys had been BEGGING to learn to ski. The younger 2 really had no interest, so Mike stayed with them and after borrowing ski clothes/helmets from friends, the 4 of us headed up to Big Bear last Friday. The drive up the mountain is not an easy one. Very windy, narrow and one that I would NOT want to do at night. Ever! There was no traffic and we made it up without a hitch! We checked into to a glorified motel(not my fav) - although the view was nice,  and got situated. I was advised to head to the resort after 6pm to rent the skis rather than ... ...continue reading


I really don't think I ever thought about how many kids I would actually have. I knew I always wanted to be a mom and when I was younger, really thought I would have a daughter. However, I came to realize that it didn't matter anymore if I had a boy or girl, just a healthy child.What I did always think about is how cute I would look pregnant and how my body would just snap back the way it was before I had the baby. Of course, I thought this, because everything I had seen on television, in the movies, reading magazines, that's what happened.So imagine my surprise when none of it did. I got ... ...continue reading

We just did a family photo shoot with Randi Marie Photography & I wanted to share!

Randi Marie Photography started in 2010. Randi strives to appreciate each and every moment she has with her clients and her work really speaks for itself!Here are just a few of the pix taken:  We are so happy with how everything turned out! I highly recommend. For more info on Randi, visit www.randimariephotography.com. ... ...continue reading

A week in the life of a scared mommy and a sick little boy

To say that this past week was probably the longest week of my life, is an understatement.I am still blown away that it manifested like it did, but beyond thankful, in the end, everything is going to be ok.Last Friday started like any other Friday in our house. All 5 boys went to school and I went about my daily routine. My in-laws were in town from Texas, because it was a 3 day weekend, so they picked up the little ones from preschool for me. At about 1:15pm, I received a text from my mother in law telling me that Matthew came home from school and wanted to go to sleep. I found it very odd, ... ...continue reading