May 8 2020

Virtual Kids Camp Next Week!
It’s a three day camp including fun crafts, activities and humane education centered around dogs. All supplies provided (via curbside pickup at our adoption center in West LA).
*Who: Kids ages 7-10
*When: Mon. May 11th– Wed. May 13th from 4-5:30pm PST
*Where: From home via Zoom
*Cost: Register now for $45 and support dogs in need at the same time!
Email for more info & to sign up!
Today in History
The U.S. Post Office is established. (1794)
V-E Day, Germany signs unconditional surrender. (1945)
Mad Magazine hits the newsstands. (1952)
The World Health Organization announces that Smallpox has been eradicated worldwide. (1980)
Child Care / Daycare Provider Day
Iris  Day
Military Spouses Day
National Outdoor Intercourse Day(oh my!)
No Socks Day
World Red Cross Day / World Red Crescent Day
Personal Protective Equipment Source – All Orders Ship Within 24-48 Hours
Belly Bandit and Caden Concepts are happy to announce the launch of, their new website for Personal Protection Equipment Products (PPE). All orders will ship within 24-48 hours from their stock in the US. In an effort to help continue to support their customers and protect those in need, they will be including a face mask with every purchase made on, as well as donating 30,000+ masks to OB/Gyn offices across the country.
A Working Mom’s Quarantine Life
This Mother’s Day, eight women balancing careers and kids concede that thriving is out of reach. Surviving is enough.
Complimentary Life Insurance & Financial Planning Review By New York Life Agent (AAA-Rated Company)
Moms and Dads work hard to create a safe and secure environment for their little ones. They cover corners with cushions, add locks to drawers and keep dangerous objects out of reach, but what about baby proofing their finances? NY Life Ins. Agent, Scott Lasker (CA Lic. # 0K52007), can help you set up a plan for your family’s future. He will help you create a financial safety net around your family and even provide a FREE Financial Planning Report. Call 818-625-5172 or email
Free Parenting Zoom Classes With Parent Coach Katherine Saltzberg (I Coach Moms)
Free 30-minute Zoom Classes on lots of great topics! Take advantage of them. You’ll be glad you did! Email and let her know you’re interested and she’ll send you the links.
Paws And Pals Has Increased Their Designs Of Face Masks
Paws and Pals specializing in cat only items for the cat lover has not only been busy selling cat face masks throughout the US and Canada, they have added new designs. They customers made requests and they listened. They now have a dog, leopard face, leopard print, and several other cat designs. Retails from $8.95-$14.95 and made only in the US. They are getting in a few more dog designs for their customers too!
Experienced Tutor Who Works With kids with ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia
Merryn Landry is an experienced tutor who specializes in working with students that have ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia. Because it’s not about just getting homework done, it is about each student’s individual ability to overcome their obstacles. No two students are alike, so she tailor’s her assistance to what works best for the student. Main objective for the students. She works with is not only good grades, but helping them feel better and confident about themselves. Email
World Food Atlas
Discover local ingredients, traditional dishes & authentic restaurants
Growing Gratitude
Gratitude. The act of showing appreciation. Of being thankful. Research shows that people who practice gratitude – who think about the good things in their life – are healthier and happier! They feel more energized, sleep better, have stronger social connections, and feel better about themselves. Gratitude helps us grow mentally and grow as a person. Grow gratitude! Get started by requesting the free gratitude seeds. Then, download the practice activity and the corresponding worksheets to talk about gratitude and the importance of practicing it every day.
Why teens may never be the same after the pandemic
Angst Movie
Designed to raise awareness around anxiety and includes interviews with kids, teens, educators, experts, parents and a very special interview with Michael Phelps. The goal specifically is to help people identify and understand the symptoms of anxiety and encourage them to reach out for help.
Weekly We Are Community & Art Is Life Community Engagement Projects
Each week, participate in projects that share your community unity and spirit. Share your images, words or short video on social media and tag @CommunityLifeBH; use hashtag #CommunityLifeBH and they will share your creations with others, or email to Sharing will enter you for a chance to win a gift certificate to a Beverly Hills restaurant.
-Thank Your Mail Carrier
-Chalk the Walk
-Quarantine Karaoke
-Kindness Rocks
-Senior Cards
Focus Group For Boys 13-18 Years Old Regarding Basketball
Boys who play basketball at home, at school, in a club needed for an approximate paid 15-minute on-line study. Call Merle at Research Recruiting at 818-256-4778.
Awesome Plumber Lead
Keep this info handy – you never know when you might need it!
“I have been using the services of ANJ Plumbing for over 12 years and Jose and team are truly the most trustworthy, kind, reliable plumbers you will EVER find! Save this info….Promise you will thank me!” ~Jen Levinson
Boken the Dog – Website for Kids
Everything Boken, ‘The little dog with the big heart’ does, incorporates fun, adventure and education at varying levels. On this website there are loads of super things to look at, read and listen to, including free e-books and audiobooks. The fun Bokeeners Page is packed full of free downloads to keep children busy. There are brain teasers, puzzles, indoor activities and more.
Infant/toddler/child CPR & Family Safety
Save A Little Life is virtually yours! Their family friendly CPR and First-aid classes continue during the Covid-19 shutdown. This is just the course you need to learn how to prevent a serious accident/injury and to respond with CPR or airway emergencies.
Designer. Metalsmith. Fine Artist | Handmade jewelry
Shop from the Finest collection of handcrafted fashion jewelry by Marla. Collection includes Nectar, Rings, Dancers, flutters, Chivalry, Sonnet, etc.
Need Baby & Toddler Sleep Help?
If you have a baby or toddler that does not sleep well, Tracie of Rest Well Baby can help! As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Tracie uses supportive sleep solutions and she will work with you to create a customized sleep plan and schedule that fits your family’s needs and sleep goals. Contact Tracie at to schedule a free 15 minute introductory call to learn how she can help your family get the gift of sleep! SPECIAL: 10% OFF during the month of May!
Oasia Farms Grand Opening Sale
Oasia Farms is a spirulina microfarm. Countless health experts have called spirulina one of the most nutrient dense superfoods on Earth. Its anti-aging and detoxifying effects will help you start every day feeling energetic and refreshed! Enjoy this unique superfood in its tastiest and most nutritious state- pure, unprocessed, raw spirulina.
* Free 2 Day Shipping!
* Protein rich
* Neutral flavor, creamy texture
* Greater bioavailability than powdered spirulina
* Artisanal local small business
Does Your Family Need A Change Of Scenery?
50% off this gorgeous drivable lakeside vacation rental! Shelter in Lake Arrowhead for a change, where you will have 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, game room, modern kitchen and to die for view of the lake. House is cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaners and has been unused for two months. House can sleep up to 16, so bring your extended family or just immediate family and spread out! Get half off rates directly from owner for May and June (weeknights now $400/night, weekend nights $500/night includes everything), and discounts for July and August.