April 22 2020

“Pedicure In A Box To Go”
Designed as a home care kit for in between pedicures to Moisturize and Heal Cracked, Dry Skin. Created by a 30+ year Professional Manicurist, Salon Owner. You can use the amazing Shea Butter Foot Balm hands free! That’s right, A Foot Product you can apply from a Stick that works! After smoothing rough skin using the Custom Made Foot Huggies Foot File, apply the  Foot Balm, then slip on the Toeless socks!
Today in History
Administrative Professionals Day
Earth Day
Girl Scout Leader Day
National Jelly Bean Day
GALS Middle School * Now Enrolling 6-8
Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS LA) is a FREE, all-girls, public charter middle school located in the Panorama City/Van Nuys area. GALS is enrolling students in grades 6-8 for the 2020-21 school year! Contact the GALS Main Office for enrollment and virtual Open House information at info@galsla.org or (818) 389-1184. Looking for a fitness challenge, or a fun new work out for yourself or your family? Workout with them online while at home at www.galsla.org/movementathome.
Facebook Live from Farm Sanctuary and Online Classes for pre-K to 12th grade
Storytimes, sing-a-longs, and more. We invite teachers, parents, students, and farm friends of all ages to access this exciting roster of virtual programming free of charge. Email aduncan@farmsanctuary.org for more info!
Local Wendy’s, Dunkin & Old New York Deli offering Curbside Pickup through the Curbit App
Download the Curbit App on the App Store for easy, fast & convenient curbside pickup. Curbit allows consumers to order their food items in advance, drive to the location, and wait in their car for their food to be brought to them. Payment is handled in the app.
Become a Dockwalker – SoCal Virtual Training
April 25th from 9:45am-12:45pm
Love the boating community? This free virtual workshop trains partners or collaborators like you to become a Dockwalker. Dockwalkers conduct face-to-face boater education about environmentally-sound boating practices, with free educational materials to distribute to boaters at marinas, boat launch ramps, boat shows, and special events. Dockwalker efforts increase boater awareness about clean and safe boating, thus improving the recreation experience in California while helping to preserve its precious wildlife habitat and water quality! Visit https://www.santamonicabay.org/events/ to sign up & to watch for any updates!
goSili’s  “Tiny Lifestyle Changes That Can Save The Earth”
Take 20% off sitewide + free shipping on orders over $25through Sunday, April 26th.
Need That Pool Extra Clean?
Now that your home all day, you have probably been using your pool a lot more? You most likely will need more chemicals and cleaning than normal. Thankfully pool service is an essential business. Let Max come and keep your family safe and extra clean! He is on Angies list, Yelp, Thumbtack. Call at 818-262-2054 for more info. Mention Jens List for a 15% discount off your 1st month!
Kickstarting the World’s 1st Customizable Breast Pump
What makes LoveAmme™ TailorMade Pro special, is that it is the world’s first customizable breast pump. It is the only breast pump that can:
1. Help mums recover from painful breastfeeding issues
2. For mums to pump in unparalleled comfort
3. To increase milk yield
Over 30 years, their product team of mums gathered the pain points that mums face and are inadequately addressed by breast pumps in the market. They then designed a bespoke system tailored to each mum’s breast and breast feeding need.
Acupuncture at Home?
Are you dealing with pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive issues? Deborah Warshauer, Acupuncturist for over 30 years, will help you relieve many issues using magnets that you apply to yourself or to your kids at home. This technique is effective, painless, easy to use and safe for all! Kits include magnets & special tape & are mailed to you or are available for pick up in Woodland Hills. When kit is received, a Zoom meeting will be set up to discuss how to use. Fees: initial – $65, follow up – $40. For info, call 818-222-1001 or email deborah@whwellnesscenter.com.
Struggling With Your Child’s Behavior?
Is your house chaotic and stressful? Naama Cameron works as a Parent Coach and Behavior Specialist with many families who have difficulties with their children’s behavior. She has experience with kids ages 2-18, she has a program which will work for you. Call (818) 618-2381 for a free phone consultation. She is available for virtual or zoom coaching sessions for parents/ child/and or family.
Head Lice Removal – Lice Nannie™
Get rid of lice in the comfort and privacy of your home. The head lice treatments do not include the use of chemicals to eradicate lice. They use all natural and organic lice removal methods. They charge by the hour and not by the person, allowing your entire family to be checked. The single treatment option can save time, money and stress! They also offer professional on-site head lice screenings at schools and camps. Check out the blog for specials and tips and stories from other parents that have gone through this experience.Call 818-515-6351 for more info!
Free & Easy At-Home Scavenger Hunt Printables for Kids
“If Every 8-Year-Old Is Taught Meditation, Violence Will Be Eliminated In One Generation” Dalia Lama
Starts Monday, May 4th from 12-12:45pm – Online
Age 8 is the moment before hormones flood their bodies and awaken the BULLY inside their heads. Budding bullies whisper words that trigger emotional wounds within. Unless silenced, bullies grow bold and cause violent conflicts with others. Meditation shows kids how to nip budding bullies and avoid misery and trauma. Introducing B.L.O.O.M. with PEACE – The simple tool for coping with verbally abusive bullies. $50 for 6 sessions. Contact Ora.Munter@gmail.com for $20 discount.
Are You Looking For a Freelance Editor or Cinematographer to Piece Together Your Footage?
Parker Entertainment Partners is a Video & Editing Company with years of experience! They are taking on some extra freelance editing work during this quarantine and would love to help you bring your footage to life! They are willing to edit anything for people or companies with footage that needs to be pieced together. Discounts available. Call (818) 912-7984 or email jasonk485@gmail.com.
Affordable And Fun Online Dance Classes
Are you looking for something fun for your kids to do at home? Do you need 30 minutes to yourself while they do something creative and active? Are your kids longing for more human interaction with kids their own age? These dance classes are available in a variety of styles and age groups on Zoom. Kids will enjoy a nurturing and positive environment in the comfort of their own home.