September 27 2019

Casting Kid Interior Designers and Kid Crafters Ages 10 And Under For National TV Show
This is a paid gig! Submit to Child’s name and age, parent name and contact, city& state and photos of your child’s skills.
Today in History
The Federal Trade Commission was established. (1914)
The U.S. Postal Service was founded. (1789)
Johnny Appleseed Day
Are You Looking For A Social/Emotional Support Group For Your Typically-Developing Child, Ages 10-15?
Intuitparenting is registering new groups now! Crimson Club, for girls and The Squad, for boys, aim to ensure your child’s acceptance and appreciation for who they are now, while learning to celebrate their uniqueness for who they are becoming.
Groups registering now:
-Crimson Club for girls in grades 4-6 AND grade 9 (2 different groups)
-The Squad for boys in grades 6-7
-Clubs meet 1x/month, October-June with a parent meeting in April.
To learn more about these groups and/or register your child, contact Marissa Gold at or (310) 650-1400.
Special Event Icon  Love to Kvetch? Enter Funniest Contest in CA
Starting October 1st, Kvetch for Good will be launched to inspire the community and have fun for good. Has life got you down, have complaints about life, work, kids, significant other, the environment, the president. Email your Kvetch…the funniest complaint every week will win beauty. dining, and shopping, rewards. Submissions judged by moms who know best. To learn more, visit, must be 18 years old to participate and live in California.
Nights of the Jack at King Gillette Ranch! Discounted Tickets to the ULTIMATE Halloween Experience
Family friendly Halloween experience packed with thousands of hand-carved and illuminated jack o’lanterns! Kids will love the new SpongeBob SquarePants installation; parents will love The Spookeasy Bar and Food Trucks. The guaranteed best price is at Close by at King Gillette Ranch on the corner of Las Virgenes Road and Mulholland.
Probiotics for Newborn Babies to Reduce Antibiotic-Resistant Germs?
Personal Eyebrow Microblading Lead
“Over a year & a half ago, I Microbladed my eyebrows for the 1st time. It was the BEST decision ever(getting out of the shower with full brows…imagine that! Bye bye pencil!)! I absolutely loved the results and went again today to have them redone. It is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs. It is done with a hand-held tool that puts pigment into the skin, but doesn’t go as deep as a normal tattoo would. Before it begins, a topical numbing cream is applied. No down time. Jonelle’s been in the industry for 20+ years. She’s TERRIFIC. Call 818-448-3805.”
Let’s Talk Silence And Trauma: Make It Concrete With Miryam Sivan
Wednesday Oct. 16th at 7:30pm
Miryam Sivan will be talking about, and reading from, her recently published novel, Make It Concrete, at the fabulous The Last Bookstore in LA. The novel is about Isabel Toledo, an American-Israeli ghostwriter for Holocaust memoirs who, for twenty years, has been telling other people’s stories. But now the boundaries between their past and her present are collapsing, and the story she most wants to tell, her mother’s, remains off limits.  
Click EVENTS and scroll down to Oct. 16th:
Finding A Great After School Program Isn’t Easy
Like many parents, you are still working when your kids get out of school right? You want to make sure that the after-school program you enroll them in, is safe, they are getting lots of fitness, and they have time to do their homework. And wouldn’t it be great if they could learn martial arts, and life-skills such focus and confidence? All the while, they are becoming stronger, smarter, more goal-oriented and making like long friendships!
First-Ever Mobile Phones & Network for Kids
The Gabb Wireless phones have the browser, app store, games and social media stripped away, while talk, text, the camera and a few other essential features remain. The result is a better solution for children and much more peace of mind for parents when providing their child with their first phone. Increasing amounts of research have found providing children with too much technology at an early age can be harmful to their development, including increased rates of obesity, suicide, depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation, vulnerability, and can expose children to predatory behavior and other minefields created by social media platforms and the internet.
Princess Cupcake Jones
Driven by her passion to break barriers there’s no end in sight with five books out and more on the way. Ylleya Fields has incorporated valuable life lessons into her books like facing fears, tidying up, and asking for help. Ylleya’s series has given children of all races, ages and sexes a modern day African American character to look up to. Books include: Missing Tutu, Won’t Go To School, Queen’s Closet, Dance Recital & Saddle’s Up. Each of these books incorporates valuable life lessons, and Ylleya loves being able to do so in a fun and creative way.
Burbank Temple Emanu El Early Childhood Center Tour
Wednesday, October 16th at 10am
This is an opportunity to see the school, learn about the philosophy and get your questions answered. No RSVPs necessary. For more information, call 818-845-6601.
September 27th at 12:15pm in Sherman Oaks
Come learn about Reiki and experience the flow of the Reiki energy system. Deborah Dovitch, MA is a Reiki practitioner and Master Teacher with over 30 years’ experience.
The Italian American Museum Of Los Angeles (Iamla) Presents Taste Of Italy
Saturday, October 12th
The Mission of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles is to foster understanding of Southern California’s diverse heritage through research, historic preservation, exhibitions and educational programs that examine the history and contributions of Italian Americans and Italians in Los Angeles and the United States. For one evening the heart of historic Downtown Los Angeles is transformed into a charming Italian Piazza where guests can enjoy:
-The region’s best Italian Restaurants
-World Class Wines
-Live Entertainment
-Spectacular Historic Setting
Show Your Locks Some Love This Fall
Shampoo and Blow-dry for $25 (originally $35)
Brazilian Blow-outs for $75 (originally $150)
October and November Only! Contact Lindsay at or by text at (818)519-7780,
Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You
The perfect book for list makers and life planners. Learn to:
-Tap into your own productivity style to get more done.
-Curate your list making to best serve the lifestyle you want to lead.
-Prioritize what’s truly important and be mindful of where you spend your precious energy.
-Create a roadmap to be less stressed.
-Reduce stress.
The Bay Foundation’s Volunteer Event at LAX Dunes
Oct. 5th from 9:30-11:30am
The Bay Foundation and The Friends of LAX Dunes invite you to their monthly clean-up at the LAX Dunes! The LAX Dunes is home to a variety of unique plants and animals. Come volunteer to help remove non-native and invasive vegetation and learn more about this historic L.A. site!  Please join your fellow volunteers and experience why this place is so special.
“There’s Got to Be a Better Way”
This refreshingly entertaining memoir offers overachievers everywhere inspiration to imagine a better way to live your life. These stories of love, laughter, and loss will inspire you to:- Connect more deeply with who you truly are. – Love the sound of your inner voice.- Feel empowered to do life differently and finally discover the happiness you have always been searching for. You’ll understand there is no overachieving your way to happiness. Instead, it might require getting on a surfboard, listening to a horse, or doing something you never before thought possible (or practical, for that matter) to find your better way.
Ma Yoga Offers Ten Friendly, Strengthening Prenatal & Mom+Baby Yoga Locations in LA, South Bay & OC
Moms and moms-to-be, try a free prenatal or mom + baby yoga class! Ma Yoga offers a unique system of alignment-based yoga, which is therapeutic, strengthening, and a great way to connect to baby, breath and body. Just go to and up to “Classes” to find Locations, Schedules, and How to Book Your First Free Class! It’s a wonderful way to take time out for YOU, and learn to turn the challenges of this journey into opportunities to become your highest, most powerful and wise “Ma” Self.
Juul Hooked Kids and Ignited a Public Health Crisis
How a mostly unregulated company disrupted Big Tobacco and hooked millions of Americans on a new vice,
Moorpark Jewish Center Offers No-Cost Services For The Jewish High Holidays
Recognizing the often high price tag attached to the experience, Chabad of Moorpark is offering their free, friendly, and welcoming services for all ages, regardless of background or affiliation. The Moorpark Jewish Center recently moved into a 5.5 acre ranch property, and the newly renovated, beautiful Temple was a horse’s stable just one year ago. Chabad’s “user-friendly” services make for an enjoyable and meaningful experience and includes song, inspiring commentary, and the use of English-Hebrew prayer-books. There is also a wonderful children’s program. Call 805-CHABAD-2 (242-2232).