Lego Soap and Hand Sanitizer Idea


The boys and I made Lego soap and hand sanitizer to try and combat the germs of flu season.  Boys hands are always in need of a good washing since they play so hard and touch everything. I am constantly having to tell my boys wash their hands. With flu season at it’s peak, I am especially paranoid of germs. I am sure all kids get their fair share around school, so soon as mine get home, they need to wash their hands of all those school day germies.

So, to make hand washing a bit more fun, I made some Lego soap and hand sanitizer. It’s a super simple idea, but it really makes the boys excited to wash up.

What You Need:

1 bottle of clear soap or hand sanitizer


Goo Gone


1) Remove labels from your soap or hand sanitizer bottles with Goo Gone.

2) Remove pump nozzle from your bottle and insert Legos. You can use the pump wand to push the Legos down into the soap or hand sanitizer.

3) Screw pump nozzle back onto soap or hand sanitizer.

4) Enjoy your boys or girls being excited to wash their hands!