17 Things I’ll Miss When My Kid Is Older


While you’re in the parenting trenches it’s difficult to have perspective. But sometimes, when a calm comes over the home and you find yourself smiling instead of angrily buttering toast, you realize, “Wow, I’m going to miss these things when he’s older.”

By Jason Good

1. How much he wants me around.
2. How he always skips the number four when counting to ten.
3. That he thinks there are a million pennies in a dollar.
4. The way he pronounces S from the back of his throat.
5. How he takes his shirt off by sticking his arms through the neck hole.
6. That he doesn’t know when to end a hug.
7. That we do three kinds of kisses: “gentle,” “wet,” and “dry.” If I could keep only one, it would be “gentle.”
8. That he can’t say the alphabet without singing it.
9. How uncomplicated he is.
10. That he hides his shoes inside of mine.
11. His inability to lie.
12. The look on his face when he tries to.
13. The year he said “I do!” instead of “Yes.”
14. How small he looks on the sofa.
15. That he eats a hot dog like corn on the cob.
16. His complete lack of self-consciousness.
17. That he made up my new favorite word, whobody. “Whobody can race to the kitchen first?!”