WOW…what a day!

If I didn’t already know that there were only 24 hours in a day, I really would have thought someone added about 10 extras hours to my Monday.
Today was a big day. I sent over 13,000 people the Jens List newsletter using a new mail server – one equipped with allowing members to follow me on Facebook and Twitter and have everything they would need to access the website at their fingertips.
The program is all new to me. It took me twice as long this morning to do what I have been doing the past 4+ years to get the information out to everyone. Then came the emails from everyone telling me how much they liked…and well…didn’t like the new format.
Where on an average day, I receive 300 emails, today was double. I can normally get through them all without panicking, but 2 of the kids were off of school today so even during nap time, there was really no down time!
It’s ok…I keep telling myself, as I snack on large marshmallows to cure my feeling of being overwhelmed! Change is hard for most. I am the 1st to admit it is my weakness. Practice makes perfect and practice is what it is going to take to get me used to the new system.
In the meantime, I will move along with being a mommy to the 5 boys, a wife, a friend, the room mom duties, sisterhood board responsibilities, fulfilling the Silent Auction Chair expectations, classroom volunteer, chef, driver, nurse, vet, housekeeper, accountant, therapist, etc. etc. etc.
It’s no wonder I feel as if there are 34 hours in my day!


  1. Your readers appreciate you! I had no idea what it was like to get negative feedback until I wrote a book and started a blog. Now, I take it in stride. But, there’s always somebody who doesn’t like what’s being done! Just look at the non-moderated mom blogs to see what unhappy moms will say (about really trivial stuff). It always surprises me.

  2. I really like your new format. Love the links to twitter and facebook! 🙂