Change Stinks!

I am a simpleton. Most everything I wear can be washed in the washing machine – after all, with 5 young boys, it is a miracle if I am my shirt remains clean when I walk out of the house in the morning! I don’t drive a fancy car, just one that will shelp everyone to and fro. I have one pair of earrings that I never take off and a wedding ring that adorns my left hand. My idea of a night out consists of a good movie and or dinner with the kids at Islands.
Needless to say, I do not need much except family and friends to be happy. I have always thought that I would have done wonderfully living in the 1950’s, where technology was not at the forefront and it was simple things in life that were truly important to the rest of the world.
I am a simpleton. So, when Jens List grew from me passing along some neat info to a few select friends, to 13,000 people in the Los Angeles area and beyond, I was convinced, by more than just a few people, that it was time to move past the antiquated email system of providing a newsletter. That said, it took a long time to implement the new format, one in which I completely and entirely am afraid of, but with perseverance will get used to and I am sure, like…somewhere down the road.
Change is hard. No matter what it is you are changing. However, being that technology and I don’t seem to be the best of friends, getting acquainted to a new system has been not only time consuming and extraordinarily challenging but frustrating at the same time, as I feel the innocence of what was once built is being taken away.
Life progresses. Business expand. Things move forward. Jens List is one of those examples and while I am sure everything will become second nature as time goes on, right now, please bare with me and practice patience as I master the new art of the Jens List newsletter!
Practice does make perfect. Nobody ever told me how much practice it takes, but I am dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible.
Thank you again to everyone who has supported me over the years. From something that was never supposed to be, Jens List has taught me so much, given me the opportunity to learn and has opened my eyes to a part of the world that I am not sure I never would have known about!


  1. Yep, change is hard. But usually so worth it. Your new site looks fabulous and I love your blog. Congratulations and all the best!!

    Pattie Fitzgerald.

  2. Even if you don’t like the tech stuff, it’s a necessary part of what you’re doing which is building an amazing community of parents and services. The new Jen’s List looks great!!!

  3. Yup…the new Jens list looks GREAT. It really does!! Looks so professional!! As to living back in the 1950’s you couldn’t get the Brazilian blow out done. Your hair would be one big frizz! LOL!!!