Happy New Year

…7 months late. I told my husband last night, that I could not believe that I let 10 months go by without updating the blog. Things need to slow down. They are moving way too fast. The babies are already 13 months old. When I really stop to think about it – it blows me away. I was just getting ready for Thanksgiving. I was just making my holiday card list and buying holiday gifts. Where did November go? What about December? How about the 1st half of 2009!
I encourage everyone to lighten up, to live each day to the fullest and not harbor negative energy. It’s easier said than done, I realize, however, the old saying “life is too short”, is very true and it’s not worth it to waste one second of it unhappy.
As I get older, the quote from Dr. Suess begins to make more and more sense to me.
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Life is good. I have 5 beautiful children, a loving employed husband, a wonderful extended family, amazing friends and roof over my head. We are all healthy and have nothing to complain about.
I wish nothing but health and happiness to everyone around me. The longer I live, the more people I meet and that exposes me to situations in which I otherwise would not have experienced. Jens List has allowed me to come in contact with so many different people and 4 years ago, I never world have imagined that this would be what I would be doing! Each day brings a new adventure. One that I look forward to with excitement (even though it had more hours in it), so thank you for letting me share my life with you!