The Game Truck – A mobile video arcade
I must tell you that my boys are really into video games and when I heard about the Game Truck it was a dream come true. The truck pulled up to our driveway last Saturday and it was like Santa Claus came to town! My oldest had a few friends (16 to be exact) over to play in it. Not only is this good for boys, but they have a ton of games and things for the girls to play too! The vehicle has four 50 inch plasma TV’s, a leather couch that holds at least 16 kids at a time, and every video game under the sun (Wii and X Box). It is VERY reasonably priced and completely self contained. It was parked in front of our home for two hours and we did not see the boys the entire time, It is fantastic for your next birthday party, charitable, school or community event or just an excuse to get some of your kids friends together to have a good time! Email me with any questions about it. So if you have a son or daughter from age 5 to 18, the Game Truck is something that every video gamer needs to experience. Call 310 890 GAME OR 888 602 GAME for more info.