December 23 2017

The ULTIMATE Bar/Bat Mitzvah Learning Experience We used Stephanie, founder of Mitzvah Shirah, to prepare our son for his Bar Mitzvah, I HIGHLY recommend! Unaffiliated with a synagogue? Stephanie will guide your family through a meaningful & spiritual experience. Stephanie shares her passion for Torah/Jewish music through personalized preparation; all-inclusive instruction and a service customized to your child's personality & creativity. Stephanie has guided countless students to their special day with confidence & a true sense of connection to their heritage. Want to ... ...continue reading

Out with the old, in with the new…..

I remember being in college and meeting somebody that was in their 40s. And it seemed so old to me. I couldn't ever imagine what it would be like to be in my 40s. But now, I'm here, and although I truly do not consider myself a vain person, I think that we all want to look the best that we can. Without going to extreme measures, I spoke with Dr. Michael Schwartz, in Westlake Village, who did my tummy tuck back in 2009 ( about what I could do about my overwhelming self-consciousness regarding my profile. I already know that elasticity and ... ...continue reading

Our Ranch Adventure

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The truth is, I'm not very adventurous person, I don't think. I don't think that I would ever jump out of an airplane, camping is just about the last thing that I would ever want to do, and even though I'm dying to ride a Harley, it still scares me. That said, when it comes to vacations, I'm not that adventurous either. I’m a total creature of habit. Palm Springs, Newport Beach and Big Bear are pretty much my staples. So when our family made plans to spend three nights at Tanque Verde Ranch, I didn't know what I was getting us into. All I knew was ... ...continue reading

64 Positive Things to Say to Your Kids

Speaking positively to your children is crucial to their self esteem, image and confidence. Below are 64 positive things to say to your kids. Try to say at least one a day for the next two months and let me know the difference it makes in your child's life. May these words inspire you to turn to your child and say something like: You are loved You make me smile I think about you when we’re apart. My world is better with you in it. I will do my best to keep you safe. Sometimes I will say no. I have faith in you. I know you can handle it. You are creative. Trust your ... ...continue reading

Lego Soap and Hand Sanitizer Idea

The boys and I made Lego soap and hand sanitizer to try and combat the germs of flu season.  Boys hands are always in need of a good washing since they play so hard and touch everything. I am constantly having to tell my boys wash their hands. With flu season at it’s peak, I am especially paranoid of germs. I am sure all kids get their fair share around school, so soon as mine get home, they need to wash their hands of all those school day germies. So, to make hand washing a bit more fun, I made some Lego soap and hand sanitizer. It’s a super simple idea, but it really makes the boys ... ...continue reading

25 Time Saving Hacks for Busy Parents

25 Time Saving Hacks For Busy Parents  There’s just not enough time in the day. And since don’t have an extra hour to sleep or the ability to freeze time– I am stuck with only 24 hours. These 25 time saving hacks will help even the busiest moms and dads rest a little easier.  1. Have kids eat messy stuff in the bathtub or the swimming pool! It’s fun, and you won’t have to clean up a huge mess after! 2. You don’t need to bring your kids shoe shopping with you. Just bring their feet, instead. 3.  Use scissors to cut pizza instead of a pizza cutter. You won’t pull cheese everywhere ... ...continue reading

5 Lessons on Sharing

By Rosemary Strembicki Spending a week with two 2-½ year olds can teach us lessons we've long ago lost sight of. Watching them fight over toys, chase after each other and revel in new experiences together can give us a view into our humanness, our own struggles against negative primal instincts and the innocence of youth. It made me wonder how we get from that state of unbridled passion to tempered emotions. How do we teach our children to consider others, wait their turn and be kind? When toddles are locked in battle with all four hands on the same toy screaming, "It's my turn!" how do ... ...continue reading

10 Stupid Pointless Things to do When You’re Grumpy!!!

10 Stupid Pointless Things to do when you’re Grumpy. If you have been grumpy and moody and grimacy for a few days. So I’ve checked in with myself, and friends, and gathered some basic, pointless advice. Most fall into the category of Just-Because-They’re-Obvious-and-Don’t-Seem-to-Help doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying. 1. Meditation (I’ve been trying to do it. It hasn’t felt like it’s been enough. Sometimes, group meditation is the thing—so we can’t sit informally on our own, and so we sit for longer periods of time). 2. Eating good, simple, real food: not too much, not too ... ...continue reading

Healthy Kid Snacks

Do your kids come home from school ready for a snack? Mine sure do! After a busy day their little bodies need to re-energize before heading outside to play or starting homework. Here are some of our favorite healthy after school snacks and drinks that keep kids happy and fueled until dinner! Healthy After School Snacks: Ants on a log. Spread peanut butter or cream cheese on celery sticks and top with raisins. Kids love to help put it together. Homemade mini-muffins. They are easy to make in advance and freeze for a busy day. Snack time is a great time to get kids to eat veggies ... ...continue reading

Behind Closed Doors

I'm here in Palm Springs with my family enjoying an amazing getaway but I have to admit that the news about Robin Williams suicide really took me down a notch. I look at myself as somebody who is incredibly blessed, with a husband that loves me and five beautiful boys, supportive family, close friends along with a business that I enjoy and the nonprofit involvement that I make a conscious choice of being in. I'm sure from the outside it seems like everything is 100% roses. However it may seem so, because of my own battle with depression, in my mind it's not. It is a constant struggle to remind ... ...continue reading