Just Do It!

After watching “Howie Do It”,
I laughed to myself, thinking how often I hear “How Do You Do It”?
The answer is…You just do! I don’t have a choice. This is my life!
I am so fortunate to have a helpful husband, one that is very hands on. I am also lucky to be able to have help 4 days a week. All together, we make a great team and it all works.
Not sure that its actually dawned on me that I have 5 kids. Serioulsy. If I ran into someone from high school and they told me they were married and had 5 children, I think I would look at her in utter shock and think that she was nuts! Who has 5 kids? Oh ya…I do!
Maybe it does not dawn on me because there are 2 sets of twins. Maybe it does not dawn on me because I only gave birth 3 times? Not sure, but the answer probably is it does not dawn on me because I am so busy from sunrise to sundown, that there is no time to really think about it! I just do it.